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Index Investors LLC (“II”), is a USA alternative investment fund manager registered and regulated by the U.S. Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) and a member of the U.S. National Futures Assoc. (NFA id #0327685). We have 5 employees and are located in Laguna Beach, California.


Taking Controlled Risk on an Opportunistic Basis for Our Investors


Effective Risk Management is at the Heart of our Business

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Investment Sectors

Indices Sector

Access Broad Commodity Market Returns, with Enhanced Return Potential

Treasuries Sector

Treasury Futures offer a Streamlined Way to Trade Interest Rate Markets

FOREX Sector

FOREX Investments Set to Manage Risk on Forward Contracts 

Precious Metals Sector

Precious Metal Contracts offer Profit-Making Opportunities for those Interested in Hedging Securities

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II Targets Consistent Long-Term Returns for our Investors Within a Well-Defined Risk Framework

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Effective risk management is at the heart of our business. Our founding member, Jeffory A. Smith, heads a small group of experienced Investment Officers with complementary, intersecting skillsets seeking to take controlled risk on an opportunistic basis.  Our investment process is supported by information research and quantitative analysis to capture and organize data, to inform and improve decision making, and maximize efficiency of trade expression. We have a preference for derivative products that allow precise expression of views, analytically defined downside, and convex upside. Technology and automation is a focus across the firm.

Investment Strategies

Investors face tremendous uncertainty amid elevated inflation and recession risks and bouts of market volatility. 

Current market volatility presents attractive opportunities for active managers. We have built up a tremendous amount of portfolio flexibility to take advantage of mispricing created by the volatility and uncertainty, and we are optimistic. Having a broad global opportunity set, unconstrained by any type of benchmark that drives asset allocation decisions, provides an advantage, in our view.

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